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  • Homestead of Riley Burton Hatley located Southwest of Pullman, Whitman County, Washington.
  • Rachel E. Green first wife of R. B. Hatley and their family.
  • Nora A. Perkins second wife of R. B. Hatley wedding photograph.

Moses Hately  War of 1812, Ashe County, North Carolina.

Irene School  was built in January 1887 by brothers Riley Burton Hatley and Ninevah Patterson Hatley along with W. James Gifford.

Hatley Cemetery Page 1.  On July 15, 1909 R. B. Hatley and Nora A. Hatley laid off a cemetery for family members.
Hatley Cemetery Page 2.  Family Cemetery Lots and Photographs.

Rockey Graveyard  Located near Nickel Mines, Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Rockey Graveyard Page 2.  Links to tombstone photos, inscriptions, and genealogical information.

Ronald Hatley Ronald B. Hatley
May 6, 1906 to April 5, 1992


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